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La Tosa

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A family, a passion and an aspiration to produce wine while guided by a desire and an instinct of research and discover of the hidden features of wine production in an area like Colline Piacentine. This is the story of the estate "La Tosa" founded in 1980 by the brothers: Stefano and Ferruccio Pizzamiglio, with the purchase of 16 hectares of land on the hillsides of Vigolzone, in Val Nure, an ideal location for the production of fine wines. In 1985, the winery was built and soon began the winemaking, and in 1988 their agriturismo ventures began. The vines were planted on 13 hectares from 1980 to 1983. From the beginning, the objective of this winery was to produce high quality wines with the unique characteristics of superb high level wines. Growers have only begun to explore the potential of these slopes that abound in agreeable vineyard sites.

The composition of the soil, which is varied and complex, as well as the climatic and other environmental factors, are most essential to the production of a premium wine. The best wines come from slopes 10-25 kilometers above sea level, where temperature fluctuations heighten aromas.
Today, those 13 hectares produce 7 types of wine; the gentle and serene hills surrounding the estate complement the work in the vineyards and La Tosa convey such purity in its wines.
Simplicity and profundity: those are the guidelines of La Tosa; to produce wines that do not need explanation to be appreciated because they are the mirror of the vineyards' landscape.

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