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La Tosa "Terra Fiaba"

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La Tosa - Terrafiaba
Colli Piacentini D.O.C. Valnure

Wine Vintage


Grape Variety

45% Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, 40% Ortrugo, 15% Trebbiano

Alcohol Vol.



Located at 590~690 feet on a clay-muddy soil, not much fertile;
Established in the early ‘80s.


Harvest ed in the middle of September;
Gentle pressing of whole crushed clusters;
Fermentation temperature: 64.5°F;
Prise de mousse in autoclave
Six bottlings between December and July.

Growing System

Guyot 60%, Casarsa 40%;
Plants per hectare: 3,300 50%, 2,200 50%;
Cluster thinning out: 30-45%

Organoleptic characteristics

Sparkling white wine: this is the freshest and most immediate La Tosa wine, although it is born from a desire to produce a wine of structure and complexity. The grape blend is very traditional for the Valnure wine with three different grapes each providing its own contributions. The interpretation is modern with special attention to the research of aroma and a balanced taste.

The wine at the table

An everyday wine that works great as wine appetizer with cold cuts, fish hors d’oeuvre or for after hours relaxations.

Serving Temperature


La Ricetta

Tortelli con la coda

"Al turtel (quand al capitta)/ l'è cme al libar ad la vitta"

Some call them "candies" for their peculiar shape and sweet filling. You'll realize that also the simplest of food can be a triumph of taste.

This filled pasta has a very old history: legend says that they were invented for the local noble of Vigolzone (Piacenza) Bernardo Anguissola from the Visconti family in 1351 to honor the poet Francesco Petrarca.

The tortelli like many centuries ago are prepared in the same way from the women of Vigolzone and served with melted butter and parmesan cheese.

Check it out from the capital of the Tortello: Vigolzone (Piacenza):

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