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La Tosa "Vignamorello"

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La Tosa - Vignamorello
Colli Piacentini D.O.C. Gutturnio

Wine Vintage


Grape Variety

55-60% Barbera, 40-45% Bonarda

Alcohol Vol.



Morello vineyards: located at 660~690 feet on a clay-muddy soil, not very fertile in north-south direction
Establish - 1980 50%, 1983 30%, 2000 20%;


Harvest - first half of October
Fermentation with grape skins: 12-15 days;
Fermentation temperature: 82F - 86F;
Aging in 1 and 2 years
barriques for 2-4 months;
Unfined and unfiltered;
Bottling around 10 months after harvesting.

Growing System

Guyot 70%, Casarsa 30%;
Plants per hectare: 3.300 80%, 5.000 20%;
Cluster thinning out: 30-45%

Organoleptic characteristics

Structured still red, born from the Gutturnio cru. Every year the grapes are significantly thinned out and are harvested late to produce a wine of solid structure, maturity and longevity. There is a difference in the grapes, but also in vinification especially in the usage of wood; the intention is not to change and modify the wine as typical in the majority of red wines, but simply to provide a hint of spice to add to the structure of the wine. The Vignamorello is a wine of importance and complexity, but without forgetting that it is also a wine of immediate affability and with a thoughtful solar character, a reflection of the serenity that comes from the beautyfull colline piacentine.

The wine at the table

Serve with red meat, but also game (especially duck), pasta with meat sauces and aged cheese.

Serving Temperature


La Ricetta

Anolini in Brodo - Anvein

Borned in Piacenza we can't talk about the Piacentine specialty: anolini. Called anvein in the local dialect, theyre typically served in a hot broth for Christmas dinner or other festive occasions. The filling varies from town to town some places add meat, other places just parmesan cheese, eggs and bread crumbs.

It takes only three ingredients to prepare some good Piacenza anolini: stuffing, broth, and ... a huge amount of love. They are the perfect pairing for the Gutturnio!

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