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The history of Azienda Vitivinicola Marengoni began in the early twentieth century, when the great grandfather Silvio, returned from America, rent a fund with agricultural land in Ponte dell'Olio (Piacenza), on the beautiful hills of Val Nure, and dedicated himself to the cultivation of vineyard.
From generation to generation the farm developed alongside the wine production with traditional farm activity. In 1980 Silvio and his wife Adele Marengoni bought the estate and the white house (Casa Bianca) and with his sons Lino and Flavio gave a decisive turning point in the production of DOC wines of the Colli Piacentini. Since then, the winery Marengoni has distinguished itself for the production of quality wine thanks to the commitment and passion of the entire family.

Marras, the painter for the wine label of Marengoni Estate
About ten years ago, a Sardinian painter roamed the Val Nure valley: Valter Marras, who had settled in Bettola. He graduated from Breda College and wore the classic basque painter hat; with his scooter ran from village to village stopping where his eyes met something that attracted him, get out his painter tools and began to paint. He portrayed the people of Val Nure and many are the landscapes he captured with his brushes, one of which is the Casa Bianca Marengoni.
Marras would often stop to buy wine in the cellar and one day, Mr. Marengoni asked him to paint the house with vineyard view, from the street: this picture has become the flagship of the company, in fact has been used for the labels of their wines.

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