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August 20, 2012 - Harvesting

From La Tosa:

Hello everyone,

Today is the beginning of the harvest. This morning at The Tosa our 20 harvesters have begun to collect the Sauvignon, and will finish tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow morning.
This is the first press at 11.30 today:
We have all been abuzz for several days now as this harvest, just as it was last year, is early. The grapes had sprouted very early this year, but starting from the beginning of April the weather was very fresh, and so it wasn’t until mid-June that slowly, the vines began to grow. The last two months, however, were really hot, and everything accelerated: thankfully at night it was cool and fresh, with the temperature ranging day/night quite rather high, about 14-15 degrees. Temperature is always a very important factor for the accumulation of aromas.
In addition, four weeks ago 37 mm of rain fell, which meant that the vines will not suffer from lack of water. Fortunately, hail did not accompany the rain, unlikely other areas of our territory.
Now the plants are doing well and have a proper relationship between vegetation and grape production. Let's hope it stays so for the next few weeks!harvest of Sauvignon however, is always a test for other grapes that will come: in few days we will collect the Malvasia and other white grapes. A little further on, I think we will then begin with the red grapes, with Barbera first.
The warmest greetings from the harvest,

Stefano Pizzamiglio, winegrower and all people of La Tosa

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